135 000paintings.com is a selection of 135 000 amateurs photos taken from family albums, from boxes of photos found in the flea-markets and antique-shops of Berlin. The photos cover roughly a century : 1890-1995. They appear in no particular chronological order. Each one shows for 10 seconds. In its entirety, 135 000 Paintings lasts for more than two weeks. Viewing 24 hours a day, non-stop, it plays on ad infinitum. Christophe Berhault has chosen these photographs from amongst thousands, has re-photographed, edited, sometimes re-cropped them. It is the very course of life that files past in front of us, its celebrations, anniversaries, love-stories, holidays. A century of history too, wars, tragedies, the dividing of a country in two, its reconstruction. Personal stories join hands with History, for this hypnotizing link-up of shots saved from oblivion.